Friday, June 19, 2009

The 10 Week Challenge

Well, Milan is now 10 weeks old. 10 weeks since my life was turned upside down. It seems much longer than that. It feels as if Milan was always meant to be here with me and Sif. We've just been waiting for him to come and now, things are complete. We're loving it! hehe. Tell you what though, it's a damn huge challenge! Just because we love and cherish our 'lil boy, doesn't mean everything we do for him is a breeze...

The most challenging thing that I have learnt over these 10 weeks thus far has nothing to do with how to soak the nappies to get the pooey stains out or how to breastfeed the boy without spraying milk everywhere, or even how to read his different signs of hunger, tiredness, boredom and comfort. It's about how to make decisions that will affect another human being so immensely.

Everything I do for my son, affects how Milan will feel. That's a big thing! If I change his nappy now or wait until I finish this blog entry will affect how Milan will feel. If I decide to cram our day with activities and trips about town or we stay at home and busy ourselves with cleaning, play, washing and cooing; Milan will be affected. These are just the little things. What about the big decisions! Within these first 10 weeks, I've had to decide if Milan will be injected with chemicals with the hope to avoid some illnesses, I've had to decide if I will be committing to return to employment - which will pull away from "us" time - even if he will be with me. I've had to decide if I will be giving him my own milk or provide to him a man made concoction of nutrient. I've had to decide if I will be wrapping his little bottom up with the simple option of disposables, or if I will commit time to cloth nappies and all that they promise.

Some things, are simple decisions - I have to sleep less for the needs of Milan. I have to react to his cries of hunger, sleepiness and desire for comfort. I have to do the washing and have to clean our baby boy. The harder decisions are the ones with choices - especially with so much pressure from society looking down on us.

Putting aside the controversy of what is 'best' for baby.
Putting aside the shoulds, shouldn'ts and different opinions on what 'worked' for them.
What will I do?

~Will I bottle or breast?~
~Will I Dispose or Cloth?~
~Will I Immunise or Naturalise?~
~Will I Work or Be Employed?~

I don't know.
There is only one simple decision to make,
I will love.

I hope that's enough to justify all of the decisions that may turn
out not to be great choices I know I will make.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Milan Moala - one month on...

We are completely besotted with our lil' man. He is lovely and we haven't had any problems at all - he only gets upset when he wants something and it's not really his fault that he wants something almost every second of every day! haha. He's just learning how to smile and rewards us with them every now and again - but makes us work for them just the same!

People told me it takes 4 - 6 weeks to find any kind of routine, I'm starting to just get there now, and it's definitely a mission and a half to get everything done in a day. I can sooo see how people could go round the bend a lil' with a new born. I have the amazing whanau support of my parents and sisters, so am grateful for that and living with them means that I only have to organise dinner on one day a week and have plenty of helpful hands to rock a little boy to sleep.