Friday, June 5, 2009

Milan Moala - one month on...

We are completely besotted with our lil' man. He is lovely and we haven't had any problems at all - he only gets upset when he wants something and it's not really his fault that he wants something almost every second of every day! haha. He's just learning how to smile and rewards us with them every now and again - but makes us work for them just the same!

People told me it takes 4 - 6 weeks to find any kind of routine, I'm starting to just get there now, and it's definitely a mission and a half to get everything done in a day. I can sooo see how people could go round the bend a lil' with a new born. I have the amazing whanau support of my parents and sisters, so am grateful for that and living with them means that I only have to organise dinner on one day a week and have plenty of helpful hands to rock a little boy to sleep.

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