Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sacrificing our lovely locks for a GREAT Cause!!

Kia ora koutou!

This is a little crazy, but my sister (Ren) and I have decided to launch a fundraiser for an NGO that's really close to my sisters heart - The Green Gecko Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

If we each raise $5,000 - we will both shave ALL the hair off our heads!!

After my sisters' 3 month stint volunteering with The Green Gecko Project, she - and indeed now I, completely believe in the well rounded education and holistic care they provide for the 73 kids currently at the project. My sister was there first hand and learnt all of the kids names, taught them English, got beaten at volleyball by them, picked nits out of their hair, learnt the chorus of their favourite Khmer pop song, was called Ruler instead of Lauren - She just loves them and can't wait to get back there.

Seeing how far the kids have come already is amazing, their futures are so bright now where before they didn't have a flicker of hope. Supporting the Green Gecko Project is very important to my sister and after seeing this passion and dedication in her, I've decided to get behind her 100% and support her by doing the fund raising and shave myself! So please support us! Our hair is very important to us but we're willing to give it up, how much are you able to give?

To support the cause please, please don't hesitate and donate online straight to the cause through our pages on a completely secure online fundraising website.

Alternatively you can deposit into this bank account number, 12-3023-0429567-00, just make sure you leave your name in particulars.

Some people we have spoken to expressed interest in making a weekly deposit (for example) $10 for 10 weeks - a $100 donation made easy! Absolutely! With internet banking its easy to set up a weekly donation limited to a number of weeks - whatever works for you works for us : )

We completely and utterly understand everybody's circumstances are different and appreciate every dollar donated!

Come and see our fundraising pages,
Ren's -
Tara's -

All our love and from every hair on our heads,
Tara and Ren.

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